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A professional flatbed load & cargo securement tool designed for use in the heavy and specialized cargo transportation market using 3/8 G70 chain. The REVOLOK 6600 is safer, faster, and easier to use than currently available chain binders, reducing the time and physical effort required for securement. It also eliminates the need for guesswork, allowing drivers to confidently and accurately secure cargo. It is adaptable to serve cargo transportation applications in the military, rail, ship, and air industries. The REVOLOK 6600 is proudly made in the USA and is protected by issued and pending utility patents.

The main difference between a ratchet binder and the REVOLOK 6600 is the way that cargo is secured to a flatbed. Ratchet binders require manual tensioning, which can be time-consuming and physically demanding. Additionally, ratchet binders do not have the ability to stop the operator from over-tightening the chain or under-tightening the chain.
In contrast, The REVOLOK 6600 can be used with a battery drill and mini torque multiplier to effortlessly bring 3/8 G70 chain under tension. It was designed with an asymmetrical clutch to accurately secure cargo. The REVOLOK 6600 not only reduces securement time but also eliminates the need for guesswork and ensures that cargo is securely tied down every time.

The REVOLOK 6600 flatbed load & cargo securement tool is designed to secure 3/8 G70 transport chain at a tension of between 3100-3900 Ibs. The asymmetrical clutch built into the REVOLOK 6600 prevents the cargo chain from coming loose or exceeding WLL (working load limit) between load checks, ensuring that your cargo is secure at all times.

Unlike many other automatic chain binders and load securement products, the REVOLOK 6600 does not require a handle, or brace to prevent itself from spinning while coming under load. The mini torque multiplier, paired with the battery drill, reacts in the opposite direction to the battery drill, allowing it to come under tension without chain twists. This innovative design is protected by issued and pending utility patents and makes flatbed load & cargo securement easy without compromise.

When using the DeWalt DCD740B Max Right Angle Battery Drill to actuate the REVOLOK 6600, always be sure to use setting 1. When using the DeWalt Max Atomic battery drill, we also recommend using setting 1.

Using these drills will void all warranties. Use these recommended models instead: DCD708B and/or DCD740B for our flatbed load & cargo securement device.

Our flatbed cargo securement equipment, REVOLOK 6600, is DOT approved with the WLL (working load limit) forged on the back-end cap.

The REVOLOK 6600 has a WLL of 6600 lbs. and a maximum breaking strength of 24,600 lbs.

The REVOLOK 6600 is ISO:9001 tested and certified.

The REVOLOK 6600 load binder and other load securement products are 100% made in the USA. The Company headquarters is located in Traverse City, Michigan.

The REVOLOK 6600 is a popular alternative to chain binders among flatbed trucking companies using 3/8 G70 chain tie-downs. This innovative flatbed load and cargo securement tool can be easily implemented into any company’s operations, making cargo and load securement safer, faster, and easier.

Load securement training classes will help you become a proficient flatbed truck driver. The REVOLOK 6600 is the best flatbed load & cargo securement tool compared to others because it eliminates the need for guesswork when tightening the chain. All drivers can confidently secure 3/8 G70 cargo chains the first time, every time.

For best results, always fully extend the hex rod until the 1″ drive head spins freely. Re-engage the hex rod by turning the 1″ drive head clockwise two-full rotations. The REVOLOK 6600 3/8 G70 is ready to tie down a 3/8 cargo chain using the battery drill.

Many load securement products require maintenance. The REVOLOK 6600 requires zero maintenance because the internal components in our flatbed load & cargo securement equipment are all enclosed from the elements.

The red loading zone on our flatbed cargo securement equipment indicates a safe working zone. When bringing the cargo chain under load, do not operate the REVOLOK 6600 3/8 G70 outside the red loading zone. The red loading zone must be clearly visible when the clutch engages.

A standard ratchet wrench and 1″ socket can be used to actuate the REVOLOK 6600. The ratchet wrench and 1″ socket is included within the tension kit.

To determine when the REVOLOK 6600 is tight, listen for the audible noise that occurs when the clutch engages at around 3500 lbs of tension. Additionally, you can verify that the flatbed load & cargo securement tool is within the red loading zone to ensure that it is properly tightened. By using these methods, you can confidently secure your cargo using 3/8 G70 chain.

The REVOLOK 6600 is a superior option to other flatbed load & cargo securement products on the market because it is fast, safe, and easy to use. Unlike traditional ratchet binders, the REVOLOK 6600 allows for controlled tension to ensure a secure cargo tie-down. This increases the speed of tie-down and improves operator safety and quality of life.

The REVOLOK 6600 offers many advantages for flatbed trucking companies, including:

  • Increased driver satisfaction
  • Improved recruitment & retention
  • Increased productivity
  • Higher earning potential

Using the REVOLOK 6600 can also reduce:

  • Load securement time by up to 70%
  • Load check time per DOT regulations
  • Worker’s compensation costs
  • New driver cargo securement training time
  • Equipment damage
  • Transportation fines

The REVOLOK 6600 cargo securement tool is designed to be efficient and long-lasting. You can expect many load-securement cycles between charging when using a 5 Ah battery paired with a DeWalt DCD740b. The mini torque multiplier used with the battery drill reduces energy usage, further extending battery life.

When compared to other leading flatbed load & cargo securement products, the REVOLOK 6600 stands out as the best option. Unlike other binders, the REVOLOK 6600 does not require routine maintenance and significantly reduces securement time. This makes the REVOLOK 6600 more convenient and efficient to use and improves the quality of life for flatbed truck drivers.

The REVOLOK 6600 is designed to be short and compact, measuring 29-1/2” long when fully extended and 24-1/2” when retracted. This compact size allows the REVOLOK 6600 to fit into tight spaces without compromising its performance, making it versatile and convenient for flatbed truck drivers.

We are currently in the process of developing a REVOLOK 9200 3/8-1/2 G43. For more questions about our flatbed load & cargo securement products, contact us directly at (231) 486-6016.

The REVOLOK 6600 is a professional cargo securement tool designed for use in the heavy and specialized cargo transportation market. It is a versatile and innovative tool that can also be used for tractor tie-downs when using 3/8 G70 chain per DOT and FMCSA regulations. The REVOLOK 6600 is compact, easy to use, and reduces tractor tie-down by up to 70%.

Our flatbed load & cargo securement equipment’s warranty lasts two years from the date of purchase. This warranty terminates if you sell or otherwise transfer the REVOLOK 6600.

REVOLOK USA LLC (“we” or “us”) warrants to the original purchaser (“you” or “your”) that your REVOLOK 6600 will be free from any material defects and will function as intended.

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