It's TIGHT....It's RIGHT... and YOU KNOW IT.

REVOLOK™ 6600 Specifications

Kit will include storage bag, 1″ socket, amplifier, 1/2″ socket adapter, DeWalt 20V Max model: DCD740, two 5AH batteries, battery charger, and ratchet wrench.

What makes it tight, right, and how do you know it?

Safer Loading & Unloading

Controlled Securement from the ground or trailer deck with the press of a trigger.

Increased Efficiencies

Faster load and unload times with right angle battery drill and amplifier. Spend less time on the load and more time on the road.

Small Profile

With a total retracted length of 24 ½” and 29 ½” extended, you can secure your load in much tighter spaces than ever before.


The proprietary clutch allows users, regardless of experience, to match distribution of load with distribution of securement using a 3/8″ grade 70 chain. Every truck operator achieves the same result regardless of skill level.

Revolutionary System

No handles to crank, no maintenance required, and no more guesswork when securing steel cargo. We listened to the drivers to give you the very best chain securement available.

Quality Tested

REVOLOK™ provides uniform securement between 3100-3900lbs provides maximum (stored energy) WLL margin for dynamic events, up to 15% increased downward force, and 50% less chain relaxation while traveling down the road.


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