Choosing The Right Flatbed Starter Kit For Your Trucking Business

Choosing The Right Flatbed Starter Kit For Your Trucking Business

Flatbed starter kits are becoming increasingly popular in the world of Owner Operators and Hotshot truck drivers. These starter kits ensure that any operator’s needs are met when safely and securely transporting large equipment on a flatbed trailer. This blog post will cover some facts about Flatbed Equipment Starter Kits, what they can do for your Trucking company, and what you can add to make your business more profitable.

What Is a Flatbed Starter Kit?

A flatbed Cargo Securement Flatbeds starter kit typically consists of rubber tarp straps with s hooks, ratchet strap with chain extension, grade 70 transport chain with grab hooks, 5/16 to ½ ratchet chain binder, steel corner protector for chain, winch cargo strap with flat hook, plastic corner protectors, steel tarps, lumber tarps, j hooks, and other related items. These products are sold in bulk online and geared towards specific applications or load types that are commonly hauled. If you haul heavy specialized equipment, steel coils, lumber, or are starting a hotshot trucking company; there is a flatbed starter kit for you.

Flatbed starter kits are sold for specific loads and contain instructions so operators know how to use the securement system properly. It is important to follow these instructions carefully and refer to fmcsa 393.108 to select the correct tie down equipment for your needs.

Flatbed Starter Kit Guide

Next, let’s talk about what Flatbed Equipment Starter Kit options are available for specific hauling and what they might include.

  1. Flatbed starter kit for steel hauling:
  • Heavy duty steel tarp
  • ⅜X20’ G70 transport chain w/ grab hooks
  • ⅜ – ½ ratchet chain binder
  • Steel corner protector
  • Plastic corner protector
  • Tarp bungee straps
  • 4”X30’ winch straps w/ flat hook
  • 2”X30’ ratchet strap w/ flat hook
  • Coil racks
  • Heavy duty rubber coil pad
  • Combination winch bar
  • Winch strap winder
  1. Hotshot trucking starter kit
  • Heavy duty 18 oz steel tarp 16’X27’
  • Grade 70 transport binder chain
  • Tow straps 2”X20’ w/ forged hooks
  • 4in.X 30 Ft. winch strap w/ flat hooks
  • 2”X40’ ratchet strap w/ flat hooks
  • V-bridle straps
  • 4” corner protectors
  • 2”X10’ side mount lasso straps w/ ratchet
  • Tow dolly wheel nets
  • Wheel chock w/ eye bolt
  • Heavy duty hammer lock
  • Oversized load banners
  • 5/16 chain binder, ⅜ chain binder, ½ chain binder
  1. Flatbed starter kit for lumber hauling
  • Heavy duty 18 oz lumber tarp 24×27
  • Tarp bungee straps w/ crimped hooks
  • 4in.X 30ft. winch strap w/ flat hook
  • 4” plastic corner protectors
  • Combination winch bar, chrome
  • Winch strap winder
  • ⅜ G70 transport chain with grab hooks
  • ⅜ – ½ ratchet chain binders

Things to Consider

When choosing a Cargo Securement Flatbeds starter kit for your business, there are several things you should consider to ensure that you get the best quality product for your needs and budget. One of these factors is size – depending on the size of your cargo load, you may need a smaller or larger kit than usual, so it’s important to evaluate what loads you will be hauling and the total weight of the loads before making your purchase.

You should also take into account material quality. Some kits may be more expensive but offer higher quality components, ultimately lasting longer and providing greater protection against wear and tear during transportation. When selecting your kit, you may want to consider purchasing your ratchet chain binders separately. Speed, safety, and ease of use are not typical benefits of using a binder. So, if you are looking for an alternative that incorporates all three factors, look no further than the REVOLOK 6600 drill powered load binder. It takes the physicality out of cranking binders by using a battery drill to secure the chain. The REVOLOK 6600 is a great option for steel coil securement, tractor & heavy equipment tie-down, and hotshot trucking companies that want to spend half the time securing the load and have peace of mind knowing that every chain has equal tension. Incorporating speed into your binder program will not only make your job easier, but also give you the opportunity to make more money trucking.

Overall investing in a flatbed starter kit is worth considering if you regularly transport heavy equipment. It ensures you have all of the right equipment while saving you time and money by purchasing everything at once. There are plenty of options available, so make sure to research before committing to purchase!

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