The Top 3 Cargo Control Products & Equipment

The Top 3 Cargo Control Products & Equipment

The trucking industry has seen significant changes in the last decade, which allows drivers to utilize their Flatbed Cargo Securement Equipment as an asset. Ratchet chain binders with a 1” acme thread, a gear, and a pawl have long been used to manually tie-down up to 20’ sections of G70 transport chain. For new drivers, chain securement is mastered through cargo load securement training. Trucking companies often pay large sums to house and train new drivers, the art of cargo load securement. Chain securement is tedious and hard on the entire body. Experienced drivers know the toll it has taken on their hands, wrists and elbows.

Staying up to date on these latest Flatbed Cargo Securement Equipment trends will eliminate the difficulties associated with traditional ratchet chain binders. These items take the art out of tensioning, reduce securement time, allow individualized tie-down customization, and improve the longevity and quality of life among flatbed truck drivers.

Starting from the top, the most popular types of cargo control equipment to improve your flatbed trucking business are:

1. REVOLOK® 6600

The REVOLOK® 6600 3/8 G70 is a professional drill powered chain binder that takes the guesswork out of securing transport chains properly. Its radial clutch provides tension of 3,500 lbs of securement Power. A set tension, cuts down on cargo securement training and provides equal load on all anchor points.


Truckers can easily operate the REVOLOK® 6600 with a battery drill and reduce securement time significantly. Experienced drivers can now work faster and easier increasing productivity and reducing injury associated with cranking binders.

The small handle-free profile allows easy operation in tight spaces. You won’t need to block chains, or adjust your anchor points for the REVOLOK® 6600 to fit. Here’s what the drivers have to say:


There’s many reasons the REVOLOK® 6600 is the top drill powered chain binder, but one of the lesser known features is not having exposed threads. Threaded rods on ratchet chain binders bend, get dinged up, and have to be maintained to last. The REVOLOK® 6600 is equipped with a durable hex rod with no exposed threads. This tool is completely weather-tight and maintenance free.


Other Benefits:


• Load Time

• Unload Time

• Load Check Time

• Injuries

• Driver Training Time

• Equipment Damage


• Quality of Life

• Safety

• Driver Recruitment and Retention

• Productivity

• Earn

2. Mini Torque Multiplier


This Mini Torque Multiplier Assembly is used on your battery drill and interlok’s onto the REVOLOK® 6600. The Amplifier prevents chain twist, so you get straight pulls and twist-free tension unlike competing speed chain binders. It also doubles the battery life on your drill giving you more securement cycles between charges.

Does your drill powered chain binder come under (twist-free) tension this easily?


Other top Flatbed Load Securement Equipment used by flatbed truckers are

3. HammerLock Link

A hammerlock link is without a doubt the most overlooked item to have on your flatbed trailer. Experienced drivers quickly realized they don’t need to lug around 20’ of G70 transport chain for securement. Hammerlock chain links can join a load binder directly to a chain. However, some load binders are manufactured with welded links. The ability to customize your Flatbed Load Securement Equipment can simplify certain attachments and make your job much easier!

For flatbed truckers to remain compliant with all applicable regulations, it is important to follow FMCSA – section 393.108 “(a) The working load limit (WLL) of a tie down, associated connector or attachment mechanism is the lowest working load limit of any of its components (including tensioner), or the working load limit of the anchor points to which it is attached, whichever is less.”

So be sure to use the correct Hammerlock and follow manufacturer instructions before customizing any tie-down!


Flatbed Cargo Securement Equipment like the REVOLOK® 6600 come pre-equipped with hammerlocks, so making your tie down how you like it, is easy!

If you’re considering a drill powered chain binder to replace your current ratchet chain binders, consider REVOLOK USA®. We provide professional cargo securement tools made in the USA. With REVOLOK®, ITS TIGHT… ITS RIGHT…AND YOU KNOW IT.®

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