Drill Powered Chain Binder

What Happens When You Pair a Torque Multiplier With a Drill Powered Chain Binder?

A torque multiplier is used to increase torque. It works by multiplying the initial torque input, allowing you to achieve a higher output with less effort. When using your battery drill with a torque multiplier you can increase battery life significantly and achieve greater torque than what would otherwise be possible.

What is It?

The torque Multiplier Tool consists of several components that multiply the torque. The main components are a gearing mechanism and input/output shafts. When an input shaft is turned, it rotates a set of gears inside the multiplier, which then transfers the motion to another set of gears outside the housing connected to an output shaft. This output shaft will rotate at a much greater speed than the input shaft due to the gear ratio between them, thus increasing torque. The larger the gear ratio between these two sets of gears, the greater the speed and torque multiplication increase.

How is It Used For Drill Powered Chain Binder Securement?

The REVOLOK 6600 Torque Multiplier Tool has a 3.4:1 gear ratio with a max output 600 Nm (443ft-lb). It is designed with a ½” input (for a battery drill), a ½” socket adapter output (for a 1” socket), and interlok tabs that fit into the back-end interlok slots of a REVOLOK 6600.

The REVOLOK 6600 has a natural tendency to turn right when coming under tension. However, when applying high torque with a battery drill, the drill will react to the left. Utilizing a torque multiplier as an intermediary between the drill and the REVOLOK 6600 counteracts the reaction of both tools, allowing the operator to attain high tension on the chain without chain-twist. This eliminates the need for bulky handles used to counteract torque on other chain speed drill binder tools.

Will This Work on My Drill Powered Chain Binder?

A torque Multiplier Adapter is a tool designed for the REVOLOK 6600. It takes the torque the battery drill applies and multiplies it, increasing the torque output available for tightening or loosening the G70 transport chain. This allows flatbed truck drivers to achieve 3,500 lbs of tension per chain tie-down.

What Other Benefits Does a Torque Multiplier Give To My Drill Powered Chain Binder?

  1. By using a Torque Multiplier Adapter with the REVOLOK 6600, the operator can eliminate chain twist without needing bulky handles that counteract torque. Every chain pulls straight!
  1. A torque multiplier will double the battery life when securing and un-securing cargo on a flatbed truck. Spend less time charging batteries and more time securing cargo!
  1. Increases the torque output of your battery drill. Although battery drills provide high torque in general, securing a transport chain to 3500 lbs of force requires more power than a standard battery drill can provide. REVOLOK® provides tight securement everytime by using a torque multiplier in combination with a battery drill.

If you are considering a drill powered chain binder to replace your current ratchet chain binders, consider REVOLOK USA®. We provide professional cargo securement tools made in the USA. With REVOLOK®, ITS TIGHT…ITS RIGHT…AND YOU KNOW IT.®

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